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Belly is Full

It's official...

long story....

my belly is full....

Waliacha and I are done for good this time...

Actually sad yet relieved all at the same time...

This may call for a slight blogging break...

Be back soon!

Drawing a Blank

I have nothing to say today...

Scarrrrrry I know.

I had a Leadership presentation yesterday and I stressed about it for a month!

It went amazing - I was sooo happy and was able to sleep last night! YEAH!!!!

Here is my picture from before I left - I never wear makeup anymore and I actually did for the presentation so I figured I better get a shot of it! HA!

Also, Josie the new kitten and Kidrock and Angelica (the twin cats - about 7) are getting along very well! No cat fights and lots of tolerance by the older kids to just walk away when they are jumped on! YIPPEE!!!!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday - Friday is almost here!!!!!

Happy Birthday Little Sis!

I have loved you since the day you were born FORTY years ago - I think...Ha!

Thanks for being such a caring, genuine, and loving sister! You are passionate about the things you believe in and I am sooo glad that one of those things was me!

No matter what curves life has thrown you, you have come through a stronger and more beautiful person for it and I am continuously inspired by you!

Thank you for always supporting me and loving me even when I was not very lovable! You NEVER gave up!

Happy birthday and I love you little sister!

A little PS: here is your 40th birthday song - a la Kidrock!!! Happy birthday!! XOXO
Make sure the kids are NOT around!!!

wackos and workshops

Hi all!!!
I am in the middle of preparing for a HUGE leadership workshop that I am facilitating tomorrow.
Practicing, organizing, etc. and trying to take DEEP breaths!!
Terrified really!
Anyway, that is why I have not blogged lately....I will be back after tomorrow is OVER! Ha!

Oh, also I have a CRAZY condo neighbor trying to get me in trouble for flowers...he has decided he has an issue with me (after we had a confrontation regarding his propping open the fire doors) and he flipped out on me (yelling and cursing as I stood out on my patio). Then he called the Condo Owners Assoc and of course, they just told him I could have as many flowers as I Lord only knows what is next from him! I filed a police report for the harrassment and I am trying sooo hard not to stop every day and buy more flowers just to spite him!
I hope everyone has a great rest if the week - I will report back in soon!

I will leave you with pictures of the adorable and renamed Josie! She came with the name …

Pre Season Joy

Are you Ready for some Footaball?!?!??!?!?

Tonight at 7:30 is the Steeler's first pre-season game against the Washington Redskins - cheer for us!!!!!

I am sooooo excited!!!

First pre-game tonight and I think we will be lookin' good!!! PS - Sorry in advance if you are from Washington - I love my Steelers - HA!

New Baby - Literally

Well, after puting my eldest cat Lucky to sleep last October when she got very sick at the ripe old age of 18, I have been thinking of getting a kitten for Kidrock and Angelica to play with - HA (they are both 6)!
Finally broke down last night and got HER at Petco last night!!!
She is 4 lbs and 5 months old - she was named Baby by the Animal Rescue League and she is soooo playful and cute and sweet!!
I brought her home last night and let her spend a little time with the others last night and she (and they!) did really well! Angelica just constanly keeps an eye on her and Kidrock runs every time she comes near (she is 1/8 his size)!
I almost left them together all day today while I am at work but decided it was better to err on the side of caution. She has been sequestered into a bedroom with food, water, litter box, and every toy known to mankind! I hope she does not get lonely! I will be calling the vet as soon as they open to find out if I can bring her in to get a clean bill of hea…

Family Vacation Recap

I am sooooo behind at work since my vacation is now OVER :-(

So I only have time to a do a quick recap it is ...

The morning after I arrived, my two my nieces thought it would be fun to register for a family run - nuts right?!??! So we all went down to the QB Scramble in Stone Harbor, NJ to run the 5K together...Wayyyy fun and wayyyy hot! But this guy was there and my niece that will soon be attending Villanova was there and they took it as a sign for a photo op....cute, hugh?!?!? (Coincidence - I think not!!!) They were laughing saying she uses her Pitt shirt to sweat in, see?? No offense to Pitt...they were second choice :-)

Here are the minglers before the race...

Here we two nieces, sister, nephew and me....with our silly running hats we got for our "team"

My frog friend that lives at the front door of the condo...

The lifguard nephew waiting for the race to start - his sister bailed on him and he had to run alone - he did an awesome job…