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I LOVE NATURE!!! I was driving to my meeting Saturday morning after spin class and I saw cute!?!?!?! Bambi and her little kids on the side of the road - this is a close as my cell phone would zoom in - good thing there was no-one else on this road as they would have probably plowed into me since I stopped right in the middle - LOL!!!!

Soooo cute!

Here are the garden progress pictures I promised - actually my patio garden...check it out!!!! Little baby peppers.....sooooooooooo many baby peppers!!!

Here is the pepper plant big and loaded with peppers and flowers!

I am eating this today!!! First tomato from my crops!! LOL!!! I had my doubts about trying the Topsy Turvy but it is the first to have a red fruit!!!!! Yeah Topsy Turvy!!!!!!

First strawberry - I did not eat this as i pulled it off and the underside was moldy....not doing so swell on the strawberry plant :-(

This is Mint and Italian Basil....very anisy flavor.....YUM!!!!!!!!!!!

These are rosemary and basil....I plant LOTS of basil!!!!!

This has Texas Tarragon, Curley Parsley, Basil and Spearmint - I have almost depleted my mint crops as I found this new recipe for beans/mint/feta that I love - I will post that is sooooooooooooooooo good......I am making it CONSTANTLY!

Here are my two tomatos in pots...lots of green ones but none red yet!!!!!!!

Another shot of the pepper plant

Here is the strawberry plant.....

Here is the Topsy Turvey!!!!!!!!!

Here are some of my pretty posies...

Here is the patio from down below...It is like a jungle up here - I LOVE IT!!

Here is the view on the patio - I love summer!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Look at you, Ms. Green Thumb!! I am UBER impressed. You grow things better on your patio porch than I do in my garden.

    Mmmm I can taste a good BLT sammie with homegrown tomatoes. I love summer just for that reason. :)

    Have a FAB day!

  2. Love the deer and the garden is doing great! I think my strawberries are just about done. I just got my first red tomato yesterday.


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