Vacation - Stone Harbor - 2010

Wowsa - this is a big update!
I was on vacation for a week (technically 9 days) at Stone HArbor, NJ with my family and it was AMAZING!!!!!

No rain - not a drop - not one day!!!
I am soooooo tan I love it!!!!!!
Laid on the beach every day, went to the OC boardwalk, went to dinner at Sylvesters in Avalon, and just hung out with family - could not have asked for a better vacation!
Waliacha stayed home and "manned the fort" and I must say - he did an amazing job also! Scooped poop and cleaned - I came home to a well-kept and spotless home - yeah!!!!!!!!
So, here are some pics for your enjoyment...mind you, I forgot my camera and got all these with my blackberry...I did not take alot but will post my sisters when she sends them...

While we were in town, my sister spotted this car.....

Then this guy...
Apparently they were filming for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives at a restaurant near town in Stone Harbor called Quahogs

It was pretty fun to watch Guy Fieri practice his is amazing how long and how many takes it takes them to film...anyway - it was fun to see him there!!! Little rest between takes...

This is my older sister Kerry (it is her "hotel" that we stay in at the beach) LOL!

This is Kyleigh getting ready for the lifeguard races...she actually came in third on this cheating mind you - long story but she did it accidently and came in third....go Kyleigh! LOL

This is the line "train" they used to get the kids lined up for the lifeguard races - cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!! This is the 3 and under group...

Here are my nieces and nephew waiting for their group turn at the races with their daddy....cutue pies, hugh?

On an amusing note: I am going here after work today as I was jumping waves and apparently a mermaid swam by and liked them so they now belong to least that is the kids story....mine is I bent over when my niece said "Aunt Annie I am peeing on you" to plop her in the waves and the glasses fell off and disappeared in the crazy waves...oh well, such is life - the bonus to ask the lifeguards if they found any glasses and now cute new glasses!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday
P.S. - I am STILL drinking all my water everyday!!!!! YEAH!


  1. You saw someone famous! That's awesome!!

    The pictures are very nice, and I'm glad you had a great time.

    Way to go on the water!! :)

  2. what an amazing time! I love the pics. Sorry to hear about the glasses!


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