Exciting Saturday Night


Talk about an exciting Saturday night!

I was doing my lead (telling my story) in Donora, PA at an anniversary party (CONGRATS to the Donora group for their 33rd anniversary-awesome food and fellowship!!!) and it went as always. I remember nothing I said so I assume everything is all good.

Well, I was done around 9:30PM and hung out and visited with people until about 10PM.

I left at 10PM to head home (about a 45 - 55 minute drive depending on traffic).

When I turned left from tenth street onto Route 837 I was following a guy going about 10 miles an hour in a 25 miles an hour zone. I am not an entirely patient person when someone drives under the speed limit...so I think I was kinda of peeking around his car to see why he was driving soooooooo slow....well, about two minutes later he pulled to the side of the road and signaled for me the go around...as I did all the sudden the lights on the car behind me come on and I see this behind me.....

YES!!! I was being pulled over (had no idea why only thought maybe because we were going tooooo slow for the speed limit)
Anyway; "Skippy" (the cop as I will refer to him for the rest of this post-the cop was about 19 years old and 50 pounds soaking wet and looked like Opie)...
soooo Skippy asked for my license and registration....I gave him the documents and asked why I was pulled over. Conversation follows...
Me: "Can you tell me why I was pulled over?"
Skippy: "In due time Maam!" (by the way, I HATE being called Maam!!!)
Me: "OK"
Skippy: "I see you are from Bridgeville; why are you all the way out here in Donora at 10PM?"
Me: "I was at an AA anniversary dinner at the church a block away and I was the speaker."
Skippy: "Were you drinking tonight?"
Me: "No, I have not had a drink for 13 years - that is why I was the speaker"
Skippy: "Can you tell me why you were swerving?"
Me: "I did not realize I was...maybe I was weaving to see around the person going 10 miles an hour in front of me (thinking to myself - Skippy; do you think there is any FAINT chance that THAT guy was drunk and maybe you picked the wrong car?!??!?!)
Anyway he let me go after he ran my license and saw that I had no warrants, etc. and realized I was not drinking. He did recommend that I move the GPS a little lover and that may help.....I have noticed that my driving is much straighter since that little adjustment was made!! LOL
I was cracking up the rest of the night!! I am the only person that can get pulled over for a DUI and be STONE COLD SOBER-and I swear I was not on the phone or anything!!!! After I was let go I had to call everyone i know to tell them the story...

Anyway, then on to Sunday.....it was boring and uneventful as it is hard to top my Saturday night adventure!!!
I used our handy-dandy Hoover (shown below) and deep cleaned the carpets in anticipation of the girls weekend on Sept.10th - sisters and Mom will be coming to see Phantom of the Opera in Pgh and spending the weekend!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, lessons learned...my carpet is soooo pretty when it is clean and I am a very swervy driver!!!!


  1. OMGoodness!! Sounds like the cop was just being a brat. UGH! Why not pull the guy going 10mph over.

    Thanks for stopping by ImPossible!

  2. Oh my word! What an eventful Saturday night. I guess it is something you will never forget!

  3. Oh funny...or not! I agree with Kaci, why did he pull you over and not the other guy!? Congrats on giving the talk!

  4. Donora, Pennsylvania to Portland, Oregon by a Survivor and Handicapped from severe childhood abuse. http://www.efn.org/~scan

    Paul M. McLaughlin
    Stop Child Abuse NOW!
    298 Hunington Ave.
    Eugene, Oregon 97405 scan@efn.org


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