Annnnnddddd silence...

I soooooo have nothing to say....
What is this about?!?!?! I have no idea! For the past week or so I have had NOTHING to write about.
I may be in seasonal affectiveness disorder overload!!!!
I need to go tanning TODAY - in fact, you have convinced me, I am going at lunch today!!!
Anyway, I will leave you with some fun pics (well, fun for my family) are my two adorable nieces when they were little - I just scanned this in and on facebook it created a huge stir with the family (everyone is posting that they are laughing so hard it hurts)...they are sooooo their hats and with their purses!!! They are 16 and 14 today so this is sooo funny to look back on this photo!!! I will post a somewhat recent one too so you can get the idea of why this is soooo funny!!
Happy Tuesday - when I write tomorrow I will be sunburnt and feeling perky-hopefully!!!!

THEN (Jordan on the left Jessica on the right):

NOW (LtoR Jessica, Jordan and my sis):


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