Happy to report...

I am soooooooooooooooooo happy to report that it seems like "my ex-darlin" is fessing up and getting some help from his male "we".
I ammmm soooooooo happy!
I honestly thought he would run away and use like a maniac and die! I am elated that that is not the case! He is definitely no longer in my life, in that way, but he will always be in my heart and I am sooo happy that he has once AGAIN chosen life over "living a life in hell"!
The foundation is strong - and I am sooooo GRATEFUL!!!


  1. It is truly wonderful to be sooooooo happy for someone else's recovery. And, who knows? God's plan is not my plan--hardly EVER!

    But he does need time AWAY from his favorite peep (you) and vice versa.

    However you work things out, it is with gladness that I hear of another's happiness...yours, this time.


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