Fun loving friends!

This pic below is exactly why I love Wally! We have soooo much fun together and laugh constantly!
He is - without a doubt - my BEST friend - I am soooo grateful and blessed to have become friends with another friend of Bills', continued that friendship for ten years, and then fallen in love with that same person!
Anyone who has been reading this blog for any period of time knows we had a rough spell there for a while. That is our past - hopefully for good!!! :-)
Forgiveness is soooo important and everyone makes mistakes, right????

Anyway - I am grateful and blesses and we LOVE to laugh....he cracks me up constantly....see pic below.....LOL

So, on a serious note - Marge had a blood drive yesterday to re-supply the blood she used when she got treatments for her bone cancer. I was working but everyone that was able to go said she looks great and is in high spirits - so, all you that have been praying thanks and please continue. NOTE: It says it all to let you know that Wally and Ed went to the drive together and gave "double platelets" - needless to say he was a little groggy and dizzy for the evening LOL - anyone in recovery knows you gotta go overboard with EVERYTHING - no middle ground!!!! LOL


  1. Yep! If someone drank a pint, I had to drink a quart.

    Giving blood...if someone donates a pint, I/we have to donate TWO pints, even though it whacks us out.

    No 50-yard line for US. It's either Touchdown...or NOTHING!

  2. Just that his blood donating outfit?

    You sound very happy. That's nice to read.


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